The filter is the essential thing!

Drop-in Filter

+ economical to purchase
+ quick installation
-- costly handling
-- maintenance necessary
Sand filtration plant

+ guarantee of clear water
+ long duration
+ easy handling
+ maintenance-free
-- somewhat more expensive


Cartridge or cartouche filters

are used specially for small or private pools. This type of filters does not need a canal connection.


Sand filtration plant

The water of the swimming pool must be filtered,
otherwise it will not be crystalclear but dirty an
cloudy.Dust and pollen from flowers fall on
the water surface, swimmers add skin and
cosmetic grease to the water as well as hairs
and skin flakes and blades of grass which stick
to the feet. All these materials must be filtered
out of the water. In case of the sand-filter, a pump sucks the water out of the pool, presses it through sand layers of different thickness inside the filter itself back to the swimming pool. The sand layer is out of quartz sand. The individual grains are not round as the river sand we find in the sand pit, but sharp, uneven and full of pointed edges (Have a look at some grains through a magnifying glass enlarged 10 to 20 times) Inside the pipeway the water flows rather quickly. The filtering area in the container though is at least 100 times bigger and therefore the water is pressed in a relative slow way through that  sandlayer. Only 30 to max. 50 m of water flows through the tank in one hour. The speed of filtering depends on the diameter of the tank and on the pump capacity .Dust, grease and other pollutants get caught on the edges of the sand grains and the filtered water leave the tank clean and crystal-clear again). In one or two weeks so many pollutants accumulate in the
filter layer that it gets necessary to clean the sand filling. The filter must be backwashed.

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